10 Reasons why you need a professional website

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By Lee Sturgess, Polar Creative:

In this digital age, it is imperative that trade professionals market their services online.

Gone are the days of the Yellow Pages and direct mail, today it’s all about the website, and with over one billion websites now registered online, there is no reason for you to avoid having one.

We have compiled a list of the top 10 reasons why you need a professional website below:

1: The End of The Referral

If you’re under the impression that referrals are the most effective way of generating business, then you need to think again. A recent article in the Guardian has revealed that 94% of Internet users rely solely on websites to find local businesses*. Information is expected to be a click away and if your services are not advertised online, you are at great risk of losing customers.

2: Expand Your Client Base

A professional website is the best way to grow your audience. Using special wording techniques, you can feature your services highly on search engines, attracting a larger volume of people to your website. Technical analytics can also help you determine the demographic profile of people visiting your website, allowing you to tailor your content to a more specific audience.

3: Increase Your Economic Efficiency

Websites are a relatively low cost form of marketing. Aside from the initial outlay, they require very little maintenance and can vastly improve your turnover. Unlike many other marketing techniques, there is no need to pay high ongoing costs such as for distribution and printing fees.

4: Control Your Narrative

Branding is everything nowadays. Having a website allows you to control your voice and set the right tone for your customers. Posting regular content on your website helps customers get to know you and understand exactly what it is that you have to offer.

5: Conserve Your Time

There are not enough hours in the day to continually repeat the services you provide. A professional website saves you time by providing a comprehensive explanation of your services. Instead of customers having to phone you, they can find all the important information they need on your website.

6: Be Transparent

Customers appreciate transparency. Websites with professional portfolios and customer testimonials allow people to see exactly where you outshine your competitors. If there is something on your website which your competitors do not offer, customers are far more likely to be attracted to your service.

7: Communicate With Your Audience

A good professional website helps you communicate with your customers. If you want to provide updates via a blog post, a press release, or social media, this can all be showcased on your website at the click of a button. Also, by adding a FAQ section, your audience can quickly locate the information they need without having to send you a stream of emails.

8: Showcase Your Credibility

Having a professional website demonstrates to your customers that you operate a credible business. A personalised domain space provides countless benefits, such as the opportunity to create a professional email address, which is perceived as more reliable by customers.

9: Remove Barriers

A website provides you with 24/7 advertising. Instead of being limited to standard working hours, customers can browse your services around the clock, meaning that you never have close for business. Providing a contact address allows people to register their interest in your services without even having to pick up the phone.

10: Stand Up To Your Competitors

If you want to compete, you have to remain competitive. A website is the best way to market your business and highlight why you are different from local or global competitors. Maintaining your website and posting frequently helps you to stay relevant and create a digital personality.

* What are businesses missing out on by not having a website? (2017). Retrieved October 12, 2017, from The Telegraph
Lee Sturgess
Polar Creative

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