2020 Kitchen Trends

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By Tahnee Miles, Head of Buying and Merchandising, Worktop Express:

With each year comes a wave of kitchen trends to excite the interior designer inside of us all. Whether the kitchen needs a quick sprucing up or a complete makeover, it’s always worth being aware of what’s popular, so let’s take a look at some of 2020’s emerging kitchen trends.

Blue takes the title, but Green is on the rise!

Colour experts Pantone announced their 2020 Colour of the Year as ‘Classic Blue’, and blue kitchens are showing no signs of slowing down.

Classic blue in their words is ‘reminiscent of the sky at dusk,’ and darker midnight and navy hues paired with silver metallic accents have shown rising numbers on inspiration sites like Pinterest.

While Pantone’s choice for the year is slightly lighter than we’re seeing in kitchens, blue is still a big player in the 2020 colour palette.

It’s not just blue though—green frontals and accessories have proven to be a popular choice this year so far too, with deep natural shades like pine and moss taking a step into the spotlight.Keeping to a darker set of shades for these colours enables them to be paired suitably with metallic accents like silver, gold and chrome without risking a dramatic clash. These colours work particularly well with polished metal highlights and light-coloured worktops.

Statement sinks

Sinks and taps often get overlooked, but now’s the time for them to take centre stage. Already this year we’ve seen a rise in statement sinks and taps and it’s showing no sign of slowing down.

With darker contemporary colour schemes in increasing demand, bolder accents like brass and gold are a good fit to create a classy and voguish look.

Industrial inspired taps of unusual shapes paired with gleaming copper, gold or brass finishes still remain popular from previous years, but now the sinks themselves are following suit for a more uniform look.

Concealed Storage and Kitchen Pantries

The minimalist way of living has been a hot trend for the past few years, and with it came the desire to declutter and destress.

As people look to include more solutions to hide their kitchen clutter, concealed storage has skyrocketed in popularity.

Interior storage solutions have gone down the road of simple and discreet, with hidden appliances and multi-layered cabinets freeing up space on the worktops.

The Eco Kitchen

Today, people are increasingly wary and concerned about the environment and keeping a close eye on the footprint they leave on the planet.

Eco-friendly kitchen designs include several integrated measures to keep energy consumption low – such as including induction hobs, recycle bins and more house plants. Building on the trend from 2019, wooden frontals made of sustainably sourced timbers are also gaining ground.

This concern around ethical consumerism places the emphasis more on the manufacture than the customer, as people are more often taking their own precautions to live eco-responsibly.

The modern day has opened up possibilities for the kitchen to achieve more than just providing a cooking space, it’s high time to let the room shine with practicality and style.

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