A New Year message from BiKBBI CEO

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By Damian Walters, BiKBBI CEO

As we head into 2023, I believe that it’s important that we do so as optimistically as possible.

Despite what feels like a constant bombardment of economic doom and gloom by the ever-pessimistic national media, we must remember that our industry is in a far stronger position than most, and therefore we owe it to ourselves to approach the year ahead positively.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that we should be blasé about our position, and we must be mindful that we operate in changing and challenging times. As I’ve said before, medium-to-long-term strategies should now include shorter term planning and businesses should be nimble when it comes to moving within a fast-paced economic landscape. The avoidance of ‘knee-jerk’ reactions based on media pessimism is critical, instead a real focus on your business, customers and relationships will undoubtedly deliver far better results.

Our industry has covered some extraordinary ground, especially on the subject of installation. We have a fit-for-purpose solution for addressing the skills-gap which, if fully embraced by industry, will undo much of the damage caused by a lack of investment in vocational training for both new entrants and the time-served installer. But this is an area that we shouldn’t put on hold. If momentum is slowed or halted whilst businesses brace for something economic, that may not come, we will destroy the good work achieved over the last decade and pass the point of no-return when it comes to the development of a future, frontline workforce.

So, whether you’re an installation business, a retail partner or a corporate sponsor, now is the time to invest in your business and its future. If you’re an existing member, partner or sponsor, continue your support and explore ways, with my team, to maximise our relationship. If you’re not working with us, now is the time to consider how best you can get involved. This is your industry, your institute and we’re here and as committed as ever in the support of everything you do.

Finally, I’m incredibly thankful for those businesses and individuals that continue to support BiKBBI and our objectives. Without this support we would be unable to deliver what we do on behalf of the kbb industry. It’s this financial investment and support that drives what we do, improving standards, creating and promoting education, improving compliance and reducing risk and generally supporting this amazing industry to deliver a robust installation proposition to consumers.

So, on behalf of the team here at BiKBBI, we wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. Stay safe tomorrow, book your taxi now and raise a glass in celebration of our great industry.

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