Alan’s story

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By Stephen Syrett, Marketing Director at Mobility Group:

We want to get to know our fitters better and so we decided to make a few on site visits to get to know a few of them and understand their values and motivation for working with us. We caught up with Alan (pictured) while he was doing a ‘bath out shower in’ install for Mr and Mrs Busby.

In 2015 Mr Busby had a Stroke. Each year in the UK there are approximately 1.2 million stroke survivors and over half of those survivors are left with a lifelong disability.

This is Alan’s story….

“Hi, my name is Alan and I have been a self-employed bathroom installer for The Mobility Group for eight years. During this time, they have kept me in constant work for their Premier Care, Bathing Solutions and Mobility Plus product ranges. I fit Walk-in-baths and accessible showers for elderly and disabled people who need easier and safer bathing. I am based in Southampton and fit bathrooms within a 70-mile radius which is great as I never have to stay away from home. This is important for me as I have a young family. The office alway try to keep the miles down for me and I’ve even done a job in the same street where I live.

I love the flexibility of my job as the working hours are my choice. I always start early so I can get in a good day’s work for the customer and for personal satisfaction. If I want to work late, I chat to the customer and if they are ok with this, then I can continue into the evening. This frees me up to finish jobs quicker or over the weekend so I can either have time off or start my next job earlier. I totally understand that my customers might be vulnerable people so I always minimise disruption as much as possible.

A big plus for me is that I get paid on time. As long as you submit your paperwork on Monday morning, which details the work you have completed, the office will organise payment within a week. If I am given a job that is estimated to take say six days and I complete it in five, then I am still paid for the extra day. This means I can crack on with my next job earlier so I can earn more money. The rates of pay are good. The longer you work for The Mobility Group the more you get paid. I am on a day rate so I always know what I am going to get.

The office staff are very helpful, they do their job and I do mine. I believe in helping one another so we all benefit. The Mobility Group pay your expenses including diesel and if I need to buy extra parts I just use my company credit card at the local plumber’s merchants. I am currently booked up for the next two months with all the necessary paperwork so I have peace of mind and feel organised.

Delivery of parts is always bang-on-time just before a job or on the first day. I check the delivery thoroughly to make sure nothing is missing or damaged. If there is a problem and I let the office know before 11am, most of the time replacement parts are with me the next day. This is really important on jobs that are only a few days. Generally, there is no hassle with the kit that is supplied as it is always good quality which also means fitting is easier.

Being able to install a bath or shower efficiently is only possible if the salesman and surveyor have done their jobs correctly. I find 90% of my jobs go without a hitch because surveys are done properly and thoroughly. This means the right products are spec’d and the job is not delayed. If I do come across a problem, I can contact the surveyor direct and get an answer quickly or he will visit to sort out the solution. This is rarely needed though but reassures me and the customer. If extra time is required to finish the job, then I am given another paid day or I try and sort it within the initial schedule. It’s great working for an understanding and flexible company.

I get great satisfaction from every job, especially when the customer is smiling at the end of it. It might have been a smooth ride, it might have been a rough ride with the install, but if the customer has a smile on their face then I am happy. This is not just about fitting a bath or shower, my customers really need these bathing solutions for independence. All customers like to know what you are doing so I always clearly communicate with them so they understand what is involved, it reassures them. I would recommend working for The Mobility Group to all diligent fitters, you feel rewarded at the end of each day.”

Our customer Mr Busby told us…

“My wife and I think Alan has done a fantastic job and he has been very pleasant to have in our home. He has been punctual every day and throughout our new accessible shower being fitted, he has regularly reassured us by explaining what he is doing. He has chatted to us and we have had no mess, Alan is neat and tidy. He vacuumed up every day and has made sure all the bathroom parts were stored safely in the garage. All he asked for was a few cups of coffee, he was no trouble at all and obviously cares about his work and his customers. We are really pleased with the end result and it will make a big difference to my wife and I.

I am 80 and since having a Stroke three years ago I have struggled to get my legs in and out of our old bath. My wife has severe arthritis and other health issues so could only bed wash herself. We did try an electric lifting seat in the bath before but it felt unsafe. Now we have the means to shower safely for years to come.”

Thank you Mr and Mrs Busby and Thank you Alan we couldn’t help people like Mr and Mrs Busby without you.

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