An update on Apprenticeships

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It’s no secret that the subject of Apprenticeships is at the forefront of activity at BiKBBI. This article provides a brief update on our progress since 2018.

We started 2018 by recruiting Stephanie Gray, Education Officer. Stephanie is responsible for liaison between the college, government departments, students and employers.

Since Stephanie’s arrival, we have worked with PROCAT to complete curriculum development and engage both pupils of school leaving age, as well as potential employers. We updated the industry on our progress throughout, both via our social media platforms and magazine.

Since January 2018, we have personally engaged over 2,000 students, introducing the KBB industry to an untapped demographic.

In July 2018, we opened the UK’s first BiKBBI Approved Training Facility at PROCAT – This was a demonstrable step forward for the Apprenticeship programme.

In August 2018, we formed a strategic partnership with Charlton Athletic Women’s Football Club, with an objective to open the UK’s first Apprenticeship scheme for females. We’re on track to open this in September with the support of the club.

In September 2018 our Apprenticeship Programme began and 16 school leavers embarked on the foundation learning for a career in KBB installation. This was an historic moment for the organisation and indeed the industry. This Apprenticeship will become the blueprint from which to roll out the initiative nationally…

…In November 2018, we appointed our Apprenticeship Ambassador Michael Burke, who’s responsibility is to create relationships with colleges across the country, with a view of opening a number of Approved Training Centres nationally over the next 3 years. We are in talks with 11 colleges across the UK and will be progressing these talks to open at least 6 more centres in time for the 2020 academic year.

Our Annual Conference at The Houses of Parliament in January focused on our plans to accelerate the Apprenticeship programme – The vision is to drive 300 students annually through the programme within the next 3 years.

In February 2019 we commissioned a short series of films that we aim to distribute to schools and colleges nationally. These films, together with the work we’re committed to through activity and personal engagement, will help share the programme with a much wider audience.

In March, we took part in National Apprentice Week, working with South Essex College and PROCAT in the promotion of our 2019 intake. The ambition is to attract 25 new apprentices for a September start.

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