BiKBBI unveil plans for change

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The British Institute of Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom Installation (BiKBBI) alluded to a big announcement which was scheduled for their Annual Conference at The Houses of Parliament today… The organisation did not disappoint the 100 industry representatives as it unveiled a new service which launches in the Spring.

BiKBBI Protected is an innovative new retail solution and is set to “change the way in which domestic KBB installations are operated in the UK” said CEO Damian Walters.
The new service operated by BiKBBI is offered to retailers of all sizes, from independent single showrooms, to national retailers. The service, which is driven by leading technology and underpinned by The Institute’s existing compliance management, will allow retailers to signpost customers to a robust installation service, which is either delivered by the retailers own approved installers, the wider BiKBBI membership or a mixture of both.

Essentially, the new service takes the retailer out of the contractual equation, connecting consumers with installers nationally, creating a robust direct legal relationship, to include contracts, schedules, pricing and payments.

Consumers pay for their installation service into a financially protected client account, which is paid to the installer upon satisfactory completion of the project. In the event of dispute, both the consumer and the installer have access to onsite assessment from the BiKBBI to support dispute resolution. The consumer is fully financially protected, as is the installer and the entire proposition is underpinned by insurance backed workmanship warranties and the high standards set by The British Institute of Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom Installation.

BiKBBI Protected allows retailers to step back the responsibility of installations, reducing or entirely removing significant costs and risk associated to installation, whilst providing their customers with an installation solution that is both robust and protective of both the installer and crucially the consumers best interests. It allows retailers to retail, installers to install and consumers to connect, with clear boundaries of responsibility, based on respective expertise and commercial aspiration.

Addressing delegates from across the industry today at The Houses of Parliament, Damian said: “The new service which will be available in the spring will completely revolutionise the retailer–installer–consumer proposition. Consumers will have access to a network of specialist installers nationally – their relationship will be built upon solid foundations in the form of a direct contract, which will be lawful, fair and protected – BiKBBI Protected”.

Damian added: “We operate within changing times. Consumers are changing, as are laws and indeed the complexity of our industry and the world we live in – Retailers that operate any form of installation service, whether employed, sub-contracted or recommended do so because they know that it’s what their customers expect – but they do so with expense, complexity and for most a deviation to their core objective – selling product. This service allows them to continue to do all of that, but with none of the cost or distraction”.

“Advancements and change is often met with fear. Fear of losing something. The printing press, the automotive industry and industrial technology all feared change – everyone thought that it would make their job obsolete, but actually it created more – more jobs, delivering to more customers, more efficiently. I see this as a definitive moment for our industry and we will welcome those retailers who want to be part of it”.

Those retailers interested in finding out more are invited to register their details at

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