Busting the myths: Smart Showers

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By Vicky Daniels, Channel Marketing Manager at Aqualisa Showers.

In 2001 Aqualisa invented the first digital shower; we have since renamed our digital showers to ‘smart’ to reflect more accurately the unique functionality and intelligence behind this pioneering technology.
Our smart showers have been around for over 16 years – Quartz shower being the most popular to date. However, we know that there are still some misconceptions when it comes to smart showering for both installers and consumers and we want to change these reservations by highlighting and busting the top 5 myths about smart mixers.

Let’s first answer the most popular question – “What is a smart shower?”

A smart shower has all the features of a conventional thermostatic mixer with added smart benefits:

The shower is controlled remotely via a small smart valve which is connected by a data cable.

The smart valve does all the work for you by thermostatically blending the hot and cold feed and checking this 100 times per second achieving the perfect temperature every time.

The main control can be fitted within the shower/bathroom for the customers convenience and replaces the traditional control you would normally use to turn the shower on or adjust the temperature. An additional remote control can be situated away from the shower meaning you can turn the shower on from outside the enclosure.

With added safety features, such as temperature override protection, you will never have to worry if one of your hot or cold supplies were to unexpectedly fail.

Now, let’s bust those myths!

1. A smart shower cannot be used on a high-pressure system

When Aqualisa first launched digital showering in 2001, they knew they had to design a technology that provides optimal performance regardless of the hot water system. We designed two processors suitable for all UK water systems: a pumped processor for low pressure systems such as traditional gravity fed; and a standard (unpumped) processor for high pressure systems such as a combi boiler and unvented systems. In 2017 we renamed our processor boxes to ‘smart valves’ to reflect further smart developments to our processors.

2. I have no space to store the smart valve in the bathroom

As you are aware with some smart showers the smart valve has to be located close to the controller and we are aware that not all shower or bathrooms have spare space for this. Our smart valves have been designed so that they can be located up to 10 metres away from the controller, giving you the choice of convenient location for it to be installed.

Ideal locations are:
– In the loft (with accessibility for servicing)
– In the airing cupboard
– Under the bath (with accessible panel for servicing).

3. They cause too much disruption and take too long to fit

A very common reason for not choosing a smart mixer is that the bathroom is already completed, the tiles are in situ and the pipes cannot be recessed. However in this type of situation a smart mixer would be a perfect choice.

Unlike a mixer valve you do not need to chase out the wall or disturb any tiles (exposed only for cabling). Smart showers can be installed quickly and easily with minimum disruption. If there is an existing smart mixer or mixer shower in place, a smart mixer would be the ideal retro-fit.

4. I do not trust a smart shower

Over the years we have seen more advanced technology in all markets and a concern for both installers and customers is the failure of the shower especially when showers are programmed via a controller or remote.

Our smart showers have been tried and tested for over a decade and are growing in the shower market.

For extra reassurance, all our products have a parts and labour guarantee with 5 years on our smart shower range.

Should any issue arise with the shower our excellent customer service team are on hand to resolve the issue quickly and efficiently so you can enjoy peace of mind.

5. Smart Mixers are too expensive

Smart mixers, compared to mixer and electric products, are deemed more expensive due to the advanced technologies behind the products. However, Aqualisa provide a range of smart mixers to suit all budget requirements from our entry level smart mixers starting at £419 RRP to our premier smart mixers.

Within Aqualisa’s Premier range we also offer customers an opportunity to customise their shower with different option head kit and accessories. Our new Aqualisa Q smart mixer is our latest innovation in smart showering, featuring a unique proximity sensor that reduces flow when stepping away from the sensor, as well as the option to enjoy different pre-set shower experiences based on temperature, flow and duration, including the option to create your own. There is a smart mixer to suit all.

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