COVID-19: Updated guidance

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson today updated the nation on the governments’ next stage of strategy to safely guide the UK to economic and social recovery.

Key messaging from tonights press conference included:

– Stay at home as much as possible

– Work from home if you can

– Limit contact with other people

– Keep your distance if you do go out

– Wash your hands regularly

The latest update means that there are no changes to previous advice provided by BiKBBI and therefore, the ‘Decision Tree‘ published in April remains valid.

Work in occupied and unoccupied properties can continue / commence in accordance with government guidance and must be subject to symptom free circumstances, the stringent use of PPE, thorough hygiene protocol and social distancing measures, known as Safe Operating Procedures.

BiKBBI CEO Damian Walters commented today by saying: “We must be mindful that Coronavirus remains as destructive as it always has been to those infected and is still within our communities taking the lives of loved ones. But we must look towards recovery and as business leaders we have a duty to ensure that safety remains top of the agenda every time.”

Damian added: “Whilst it’s encouraging that we move into a new bounce-back phase, we must not be fooled into believing the worst is over. If we fail to put safety first, resulting in a second wave of infection, stringent controls will be introduced by government and the resulting social and economic impact could very well be devastating. However, professional businesses operating, whilst abiding by the requirements set out by our government, should be applauded and receive our industry’s full support.”

Meanwhile, BiKBBI will be announcing tomorrow (Monday 11th May) details of the re-opening of its Head Office operation in due course, together with those safety measures focused on the health of its HQ team.

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