How can suppliers help installers?

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By Russell Green, Product Support Advisor, Blum

I believe it is a widely understood that in life there is always more to do than the time we have to do it. Just look at my ever-growing to-do list. When deciding how to make these jobs as easy as possible my mind often goes to whomever can help me out the most. Whether that is your choice of supermarket offering delivery of your groceries to your front door or my dentist ringing me to book my appointment 5 months after my last one, these actions make my life easier.

Why should working in the KBB industry be any different? Being an installer requires you to have a lot of different knowledge to get through your day to day. From finding hidden pipes to knowing the best techniques for tiling there is a long road to knowing what you need to know, and the best way to go about it. And that’s not even getting into hot taps and power tools. With so much to learn and rarely any time to learn it, the question becomes, what can suppliers do for fitters to make their products as easy as possible to use, and to have a helping hand at the ready.

While I can’t comment on how every supplier in the market looks to solve this problem, I would like to share what we do at Blum to help. Most of this is done through our technical helpdesk. Ranging from offering guidance with fittings instructions or which product is the best to use in any given situation, we look to use our knowledge to provide the solution you need, as quickly as possible. Be that by email, phone or our Live Support app.

The helpdesk is open Monday to Friday, from 08:30 to 20:00 and 08:00 to 12:00 on Saturdays via the technical hotline: 0800 2300898 or the Live Support app. Where-as any query sent to our email address: will be responded to as soon as possible.

If you like what we can offer over a phone call or email, then perhaps a training session would be in order. Either onsite or at our training centre at Milton Keynes, our sessions will always be tailored to what you want to know and complimentary to anyone interested in Blum. From our core hinge range to new systems like our pocket door system REVEGO, anything we know is on the table to help you when on-site.

The way we see it, knowledge is only half of what we want to offer you. The other half I hear you ask is time. Time is a precious commodity for us all, and the prospect of getting more back is tantalising as it helps to ensure a job is finished and that we get home on time. Just as it was for the kitchen fitters before us, and the ones which will follow us, the answer here is tools. That’s why we offer our templates, jigs and machines to make your lives easier. Every Blum product has a tool alongside it to make fitting it as simple and quick as possible and I have spent days talking about them with fitters.

Be that the Universal Individual Template to make pre-drilling fixing positions effortless, or the ECODRILL creating hole patterns for hinges in the workshop or on-site, every single one is designed to save you time. Perhaps the best tool on offer is our E-SERVICES platform, a collection of free software such as our Cabinet Configurator, helping you plan entire cabinets. With it you can ensure you have the right Blum component for your design. Once complete, you’ll receive the drilling patterns and part numbers needed for the install.
With all this on offer we aim to make every installers life that little bit easier. Just as much as next day delivery or a courtesy upgrade for a returning customer, a little extra help to get us where we need to be makes a world of difference. Consider what your suppliers can do for you, and how to leverage the support they offer.

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