I dreamt of Cameron Diaz!

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By Peter Jones, Managing Director at Foyne Jones:

I woke this morning all a fluster… Embarrassed, confused and yearning for Cameron. That’s right, last night I dreamt about Cameron Diaz but more bizarrely she was designing my kitchen!

Perhaps this is down to the sheer amount of KBB projects Foyne Jones are working on right now, or perhaps it’s just infatuation. Either way, after a glorious 21 years together I thought it best to confess the whole affair to Mrs Jones. After I sheepishly explained what had happened I nervously awaited her response…

She paused, smiled and replied “I wouldn’t worry, Tom Hardy has already completed his technical survey and is coming to complete the installation this evening.”

This got me thinking, would I really buy a kitchen from Cameron? Would my wife be pleased if Tom arrived to fit it? Would the design or the product quality be the thing leading our decisions or would it be a decision driven by the relationship with have with the seller?

What if Cameron’s design was unfit for purpose? Or if Tom came into the house trampling thick mud from his boots excusing his tiredness explaining his ‘evening with the lads’ last night got a little out of hand? It seems strikingly obvious that these things will have a bearing on our likelihood to go on and make a purchase or not.

But as an employer or business owner, you may only have one or perhaps two meetings with each candidate before taking a leap of faith and offering a position to a designer, a fitter or a salesperson you feel would be ‘most’ suited to your environment. I’m sure we’ve all got our own examples of the person that seemed too good to be true at interview, you pounced to ensure they joined the business (maybe even pushing salary bandings etc. to clinch the deal) expecting the world from them and the reality perhaps being quite the opposite.

So, it seems natural that more and more often we are asked to pre-qualify candidates not only on their ability to design, fit or sell a kitchen but also on their appearance, their cultural fit and their personality traits. Increasingly we are asked to support the recruitment process with the use of our new video interview platform, giving employers the chance to see how candidates look, how they speak and how they present themselves before ever inviting them to interview. This allows employers to make those ‘moment of truth’ split second decisions remotely speeding up the hiring process, the cost of interviewing and so much more.

How important are image, personality and experience to you? Is there an argument that a leopard can’t change its spots but could be taught new skills? Is there a better way for you to improve your recruitment process to ensure you attract, recruit and develop the very best people?

On a personal note, I am thrilled to be leading the KBB market towards a brighter future embracing new technologies and supporting my clients to make the best choices. Our video interview platform is transforming the traditional (and somewhat boring) approach to recruitment historically seen.

We’ve had fantastic success so far and I can only see this growing and developing as we continue to show more and more employers that there is a better way to find your very own Cameron or Tom Hardy.

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