iKBBI announce historic development...

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The Institute of Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom Installers (iKBBI) announced today that it had been granted permission, by The Secretary of State, to change its name with immediate effect.

The announcement comes as the government-sanctioned organisation celebrated its tenth anniversary, marked by a Parliamentary event in July, which was attended by a host of industry dignitaries.

The organisation has been renamed to:

The British Institute of Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom Installation (BiKBBI)

The change is hugely significant, as the introduction of the word ‘British’ will better reflect the institute’s ascendancy and acceptance within Great Britain, since it inception ten years ago. Along with the word ‘Institute’, the word ‘British’ is a protected term within UK Law; use is restricted only to those organisations that represent their industry at the very highest level.

Whilst the organisation is now operating under its new legal entity, it announced that it would launch the new brand on January 1st 2017, allowing its member’s time to introduce the branding to their respective businesses over the coming weeks, ready for the New Year.

There are two key changes:

  • The introduction of the word ‘British’ demonstrates pre-eminence and will offer enormous marketing opportunities to both the organisation and importantly its members. A new logo is expected to incorporate a British theme, according to their Communications Manager Denise Mayell.
  • The second change is the replacement of the word ‘Installers’ in the title, to ‘Installation’.

Whilst professional installers will remain at the forefront of the organisations activity, the change to ‘installation’ more accurately reflects its engagement with the wider industry, to include manufacturers, distributors and retailers of KBB product – many of whom support the institute via corporate membership and sponsorship already.

BiKBBI CEO Damian Walters comments, “This is a landmark moment in the history of the organisation and one that will propel us and our members into the next decade. I am incredibly excited to be leading this phase of evolution, especially considering our current initiatives, which include the development of educational pathways for both industry newcomers and indeed time-served professionals.”

Damian went on to say: “The new brand will incorporate a very British feel, one that I’m confident our 4,500 plus members will be proud to associate themselves with and that I’m sure consumers will identify with too. With a plethora of badges in the marketplace, I’m sure our new status and branding will further allow us, and our members, to separate from the others.”

Members will have access to free re-branding support, vehicle signage and digital downloads to help them prepare for the New Year change. The current branding will be phased out throughout the remainder of 2016, ready for a January 1st changeover.

Final word to Damian: “Despite our rapid growth and recognition throughout the industry, we feel that whilst the iKBBI as a brand has served us well, it has reached a point where the organisation now requires a more accurate brand image. We are really excited as this change represents the beginning of a new and exciting chapter.”

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