iKBBI CEO calls for calm following Britain’s exit from The EU…

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With last week’s referendum concluding a British exit from The European Union, iKBBI Chief Executive Officer Damian Walters calls for calm.

Speaking at an event in London earlier today, Damian made the following statement:

“The nation has spoken and the decision to leave the EU is an incredibly important milestone in our history. I believe it is fair to say that many KBB businesses will be concerned over the inevitable uncertainly they face, but my advice would be to pause and assess the implications before knee jerking into decisions that could have unnecessary consequences”.

Damian went on to say: “Whilst my own initial reaction last Friday morning was disappointment, because I personally believe there is greater strength in unity, we should all remain calm during these very early days of independence. Great British businesses have shown resilience to challenges in the past and we should trust that we’ll adapt to a new relationship with Europe and indeed the world in the future.

“We are entering a new era for Great Britain. I believe it’s time for our government to now step up and take control, focusing on maintaining stability and working hard to ensure our new global relationship transition is delivered as smoothly as possible.

“Our members forecast the result back in April, with a majority clearly in favour of an exit. I am personally pleased that democracy has allowed our nation to have a voice and I’m also confident that, when the dust has settled, a clear route to new and exciting relationships with the world will become clearer.

“Whatever your vote last week, we should now come together to make this work for our nation. The future of the industry, those that work within it and indeed our key stakeholders depend on it.

“The world has not stopped turning since the 24th and the sun rose this morning as it always has. Remain calm, focus on what’s important for you, your families and your businesses and let’s work together towards a new and exciting horizon”.

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