It’s all about the frame…

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By Margaret Talbot, Marketing Manager at VitrA:

Wall-hung sanitaryware is the future in bathroom design – but can be a daunting prospect for installers unfamiliar with how the in-wall frames that support the fittings work and how they are installed.

Initially wall-hung products were only available at the upper end and were very expensive but now wall-hung – and the frames needed to fit it – can be found at all price levels. It has become a popular choice with consumers looking to upgrade an old bathroom so knowing how to install the fittings is an essential skill for retailers.

Because the cistern is hidden away inside the frame with just a sleek flush plate visible, the look is clean and uncluttered. Concealed behind either a solid or stud wall which needs only basic carpentry skills. VitrA’s frames are quick and easy to install and maintenance is simple as the flush plate can be removed giving access to internal fittings.

VitrA offers frames suitable for solid, stud and double stud walls and are available in slim and regular sizes to suit the space available and will support up to 60 stones (381kg). A reduced height frame is available for use where the WC is being installed below a window or compact space.

There is a useful step by step film on You Tube that shows how quick and simple installation is.

Once the cold supply and waste exit are in place, all you have to do is to choose your frame to suit the wall type. Attaching the pan to the frame can be done by just one person and is straightforward.

Understandably both consumers and installers worry that a hidden cistern can mean maintenance problems. VitrA frames are designed for easy access and the cisterns have a built-in overflow that drains water into the WC pan should the cistern overfill. Filling and flush valves are lifetime tested for reliability. A wall-hung WC is flushed using a flush plate which sits neatly onto the wall above the WC. All VitrA plates are dual flush to save water and infra-red controlled plates flush at the wave of a hand.

Our frames are designed to be easy to fit and maintain. We know that historically accessibility has been a concern for installers, so our frames have a panel gap on the body and an easy to remove flush plate that provides the largest opening space to access the cistern for servicing or repairs.

We offer flush plates to suit every style of bathroom – and there is an easy to fit motion sensor option. Consumers like it because it is neat, space saving and easy to clean. VitrA offers installers and retailers a complete package of products, frames for various locations and flush plates so we are a true one stop shop for wall-hung solutions.

Educating retailers and installers on frames through our Fit and Forget campaign means they can reassure consumers who may worry about the weight a wall-hung WC will support or how the cistern can be accessed if there is a problem. As consumer tastes move ahead, knowing how to fit wall-hung is a major benefit to the installer.

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