My tribute to Hoppyman

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One thing is for sure. We’ve all learned over the last 2 years that life is fragile and that we should absolutely take every opportunity to value what we have. It’s been a tragic two years for the world in many ways, but the overwhelming sadness I feel following the news of Nick Hopkinson’s death has really caught me by surprise.

I first met Nick way back in 2006 when I launched a new institute for kitchen, bedroom and bathroom installation. Someone I’d heard of before in my old MFI days, Nick was a great industry contact and a close friend of one of my business partners back in the day.

As someone that was about to leave the corporate world and set up a new venture, I think it’s fair to say that I looked at the commercial world for inspiration and with Nick and his brother Chris running Mark Two, it was easy for me to respect what they’d achieved.

But what was different about Nick to the many other successful people in the industry, was his dedication to community work and in particular the work he did within the youth sector. Here’s a guy that juggled family life with a successful business, as well as working incredibly hard to help others in the community he lived within. Of course, as a young man about to make my way in the ‘real world’, outside the harboured protection of a corporate infrastructure, Nick was and easy role model for me as far as I was concerned.

I found his way truly fascinating and his energy inspirational, albeit I did witness on more than one occasion the ferocity of commercial acumen!

Without doubt, Nick’s community spirit in particular drove me to do good things too. My crazy charitable endeavours, including continental bike challenges and that hill in China, were most definitely inspired by Nick single handily – I felt compelled to do good things because someone I knew and respected was doing just that.

So, a family have lost a special man – a father, husband, brother. The industry has lost a successful leader. But I think the world has lost someone who had the balls to get up, push himself and do amazing things to benefit others.

Nick Hopkinson MBE, ‘Hoppyman’… You may have left us for now, but your legacy lives on in many. Your life’s work is something that you and your loved ones can be proud of and from me – well, simply thank you. Thank you for inspiring me to do good things and rest in the knowledge that I’ll continue to do so, as long as I possibly can – and til the very end.

Rest in peace Nick.

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