New contactless tech for members

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The British Institute of Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom Installation (BiKBBI) has today confirmed that it will be introducing new contactless technology to its member ID Cards, with an express objective of helping its members to win more business.

The new contactless technology, the same type used with most credit and debit cards, will transform the current ID cards into a multi-functional tool to assist its members to elaborate benefits of using a BiKBBI member to their customers.

Current ID cards serve as a simple form of identification between members and their customers, which is used in conjunction with printed material, helping members promote their professional status.

From September, the new format cards will continue to serve as ID, but will also enable members to ‘tap’ customers smartphones, sharing a web link instantly that directs customers to a webpage that explores the benefits of using a BiKBBI member. The webpage shares videos, benefits and practical information on home improvement projects, but fundamentally promotes the member as an industry professional.

BiKBBI CEO Damian Walters said: “In addition to the cards positively impacting our carbon footprint with the reduced need to print leaflets, the new technology will demonstrate professionalism, meet or perhaps even exceed consumers expectations, but will crucially help members to stand out.”

Damian added: “The current installer shortage is already seeing an influx of unskilled labour flood the market and we believe that professionals will need to ‘up their game’ to avoid competing on price alone. This is a real credible tool for members which will enable them to quantifiably demonstrate their professional status, something which the unskilled competition will not be able to replicate”.

BiKBBI also state the new cards will reduce physical contact with customers, supporting the reduced likelihood of disease spread. The new cards will also allow consumers to validate membership online and in realtime.

Members will receive details on card roll-out over the next few weeks, but the cards will be available to all new, renewing and existing members – over 6600 nationally.

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