NICEIC & ELECSA brand consolidation

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Certsure has successfully operated two brands; NICEIC and ELECSA for a number of years allowing them to certify and regularly assess over 36,000 electrical contractors across the UK.

For a number of strategic reasons, Certsure have decided to systematically retire the ELECSA brand from public use on all their schemes.

This process will begin from 26th April 2021 with the intention that all electricians will be transferred by November 2022.

Certsure will be working directly with their customers (electricians) who are currently assessed by ELECSA to ensure a smooth, seamless move across to NICEIC.

Certsure’s Platinum Promise commitment to consumers who have had work undertaken by an ELECSA contractor will remain in place for 6 years after the completion of the work. They will also be taking steps to ensure that online references to ELECSA will redirect consumers to NICEIC, ensuring they can always find the support they need.

In addition, we will be using this brand consolidation as an opportunity to increase awareness of the benefits of using a registered electrical contractor.

Certsure will be contacting all registered electricians and consumers over the next 18 months to ask for their help in retiring the brand from public use.

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