Panelling: An alternative to tiles

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By Keely Greenhalgh, National Sales Manager, Mermaid

A recent surge in online searches for bathroom tile alternatives is suggesting that homeowners, installers and bathroom retailers are becoming increasingly receptive to more cost-effective options when it comes to bathroom refurbishments.

Findings from Mermaid show that online searches for ‘bathroom tile alternatives’ have grown by 14% year on year. Searches for ‘bathroom panels’ meanwhile, grew by 50% over the same period, indicating that the easy-to-fit product may well be primed to increase its market share.

Amidst the cost-of-living crisis and supply chain challenges, a number of factors have prompted homeowners to opt for cost-effective and time efficient home improvements. With a wide number of bathroom panel options, such as Mermaid’s Elite Panel range available, consumers now have easier access to such products.

Panelling offers a quicker installation process, with the option for installation over pre-existing tiles, which can cut project costs considerably. Features such as a wipe-clean finish and Mermaid Elite’s waterproof core enable many of the best panels to maintain similar levels of durability and much easier cleaning and maintenance demands than tiling, despite being the less costly option.

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