Success at every stage

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How to create & manage a multi-stage retail customer journey.

No matter the size of your business or the service you provide, when engaging with your company, potential customers embark on a journey.

The more stages of this journey there are, the more complex it becomes.

For KBB retailers, more often than not, there are a multitude of contributors, steps and milestones with installation being but one part of a larger puzzle.

Couple this with the fact that the average purchase now encompasses ten business communication channels and an intricate pathway begins to emerge.

Success at every stage is, therefore, a must to stay ahead.

Each stage, each interaction and each touchpoint can have a dramatic impact upon a prospective customer’s experience. Either pushing them away or drawing them closer to converting.

Planning your customer journey is, therefore, a vital exercise in helping your business step into the shoes of the customer.

By mapping out the experience you provide, you can gain insights into common pain points, identify regular roadblocks and learn how to improve those stages requiring attention.

At the heart of this entire process is the most significant question of all, do your goals match those of your customers?

By understanding this, and evaluating how your processes match customer desires, you can structure your workflow to provide the most effective and enjoyable experience for your customers.

Recent studies have proven a significant shift in consumer behaviour, with 80% of people now considering their experience with a company to be as important as their products.

That is why, at Anthill, we’ve created a guide to help you hit the mark at every stage.

In this guide, we aim to explore the various stages of the customer journey and explain how you can ensure success every step of the way.

Diving in to the pre and post-sale as well as the main sales cycle itself, we’ll cover:

  • Creating an optimal customer journey.
  • Transforming a journey to a relationship.
  • The benefits of mapping your experience.

By listening to those who have gone before and mapping out your ideal path, consistently achieving your desired outcome becomes much more straightforward.

To download your copy of “Success At Every Stage – How To Create & Manage A Multi-Stage Retail Customer Journey” click here.

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