The Blum Experience…

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iKBBI Communications Manager Denise Mayell and CEO Damian Walters were invited to the newly opened Blum Experience at their UK headquarters last week.

The experience, opened last month, is an interactive tour of the Blum brand, to include the journey so far, as well as their innovative plans for future living. The Blum Experience uses the latest technology to immerse visitors in the company, to include it’s humble beginnings, it’s cutting edge technology and a tour of their industry leading training and development suite aimed at installers.

iKBBI’s Damian Walters commented on the visit by saying: “We were completely overwhelmed by the new Blum Experience from start to finish. You would be forgiven for thinking this was a company that ‘just’ made components for kitchens, but you would be so, so wrong”.

“The endeavours this business commit to education, both here in the UK and internationally, is really quite astounding. Their apprenticeship programme is clearly leading the way and is already producing exciting talent that our entire industry will benefit from for generations to come”.

Denise Mayell also said: “The curators of The Experience have produced an awesome tour which we would highly recommend to anyone wanting to know more about Blum. I’m confident you’ll conclude the tour feeling really quite energised by the experience as both Damian and I certainly did”.

The iKBBI will be inviting members to visit over coming weeks – details to follow.

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