The end is nigh…

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I think we’ll all be glad to see the back of 2020 – it’s been one hell of a year for us all. But I am a believer that the tide is turning and whilst there’s a little way to go, I think this is a battle we’ll soon overcome.

Someone close to me said today, in a pessimistic mood, that tomorrow is just Friday and not a New Year – nothing has changed, and the doom and gloom of 2020 continues.

But I disagree.

Like a boxer who has spent most of this round on the ropes, receiving heavyweight blow after blow and feeling the effects, the bell is about to be rung and we will soon pause in preparation for our comeback round.

Two vaccines now in circulation will soon protect our most vulnerable and will pay dividend on the pressure placed upon our nations greatest asset (the NHS).

Spring will soon be upon us (in a matter of weeks) and, dare I say, an element of herd immunity will also play its part. I do believe that the balance of this virus will soon shift in our favour.

As someone who has witnessed loss during this time first-hand, I’m respectful to those who have suffered and lost over the last year, but I’ll be focused on the year and challenge ahead and I’ll not dwell on what has unarguable been a horrible 12 months.

BiKBBI has had an unbelievable year in terms of achievement. I’ve been incredibly proud of what we’ve done – from the provision of clarity our industry, to the continuation of high-standard support to those who need it.

Despite the challenges, we have not only survived, but have excelled as overall growth has continued.

I believe if anything, 2020 has demonstrated an absolute need for what we do as an organisation. We’ve been there for our industry throughout this and this is wholly due to the efforts, dedication and professionalism of my team. They have been amazing on every level and should be recognised for this.

Looking ahead, 2021 will be a big year for us.

We have some exciting news to share in January, which I believe will be an absolute game changer for our industry. We will lead the charge toward positive change, as we always have, and we will overcome the challenges posed by this damn virus – I’ve absolutely no doubt.

We can do this and we will do this, so stay positive, focused and confident that humanity can overcome the darkest of situations. We’ve done it before and we’ll do it again.

One last word from me.

We’ve missed birthday’s, festivities, anniversaries and much needed holidays. We’ve missed loved ones, friends and normality. It’s been truly awful.

But imagine how amazing all of those things will be when this is over.

Close you eyes and just imagine the family parties, the celebrations, togetherness the handshakes, the cuddles and the smiles emerging from behind the masks. It’s going to feel amazing and it’s about to happen.

All things that perhaps we once took for granted will soon be back, but will taste and feel that much better… like the first pint of the summer in a pub garden, or that cuddle with your loved ones.

Our return will be absolutely bloody amazing… focus on that and we’ll all be just fine, because guess what? It’s coming!

In the meantime, we all have a job to do. Looking after ourselves, our families, the wider community and our businesses. Dropping our guard tonight, or any other will not help our comeback round, so be sensible.

The only element of irresponsibility acceptable tonight will be the mixing of drinks, in your own homes!

So, from me and my team to you – have a happy and healthy New Year.

Let’s do this!

PS – In case you’re wondering about the picture with the Yak… One thing I’ve decided to do is return to Everest. So, April 2022 I’ll be doing just that. Don’t leave the things you want to do for another time. Plan ahead, focus on your goal and achieve your dreams… so here goes!

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