The Power of Customer Experience

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Can you guarantee a quality Customer Experience? Are your team consistently delivering the levels of service they should be? Or could below par interactions be putting you at risk of losing clients?

Every time a customer engages with your company, their experience directly affects both their opinion of you and their future behaviour. This means one slip up can drastically alter their perception of your offering and wipe out all the time and effort already invested in getting them to a point of purchase.

We must endeavour to ensure that each and every client interaction leaves a smile on their face. On average, we tell ten times more people about a negative experience than a positive one. It also costs around 25 times more to acquire a new customer than keep one. Clearly, there is a huge opportunity when it comes to delivering a positive Customer Experience.

No matter our seniority, it’s up to everyone in the business to get the experience right. We must provide value at every stage in the buying cycle and show a customer, even after the sale, they are valued. By doing so, we provide the experience they desire, encourage repeat business and gain an edge on our competitors.

In 2021, our customer’s journey often begins long before an interaction with anyone from the company team; they know about us long before we know about them. Our reputation precedes and how is this reputation defined? Through Customer Experience.

Without investing in identifying and implementing a best practice Customer Experience, you leave yourself open to inconsistencies. This means your standardised best practice approach can quickly fall by the wayside, and with it, the quality of your Customer Experience.

In an increasingly competitive KBB landscape, there is a growing trend of experience based, not product based, loyalty. This means that in our post lockdown world in which a customer craving for human engagement is at an all time high, service levels must take priority. We can’t afford to be left behind by those investing in a Customer Experience that delights, rather than disappoints.

In this Anthill Guide, we explore how to provide the world class offering your customers are looking for and discuss the changes you can make to transform your Customer Experience to guarantee excellence at every turn. By knowing your audience, welcoming feedback and tracking key metrics, visibility over areas requiring improvement becomes crystal clear and implementing change a seamless, focussed process.

To access your copy of the guide and find out more about harnessing the power of a positive Customer Experience, click here.

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