Tradespeople should remain cautious

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BiKBBI CEO Damian Walters calls for the industry to approach the relaxation of Coronavirus restriction “with extreme caution” as England prepare for change on July 19th.

Speaking to the BBC today, Damian urges tradespeople in particular not to fall foul of the changes next week, fully supporting the Prime Minister’s statement by saying “this pandemic is not over”. Damian added: “We’re all keen to banish COVID to the history books, but we’ll only be able to achieve this if we’re sensible about the next few weeks and months”.

England is about to enter a new phase of relaxation measures from Monday 19th July, with updated government advice to tradespeople to be published over the coming days. In preparation for this change, The British Institute of Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom Installation published updated advice to tradespeople on its website, to include support for the continued wearing of face masks when working with others in confined space.

BiKBBI will continue to monitor changes in all UK countries and will provide updated advice to the industry, as it has throughout the Coronavirus pandemic

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