Work and play: The home office boom

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By Steve Healy, National Business Development Manager at Mereway Group / Trend Interiors

A lot has certainly changed in the way we all work. With more and more people working from home, renovation plans incorporating a working space are becoming invaluable. What’s become apparent is that not many have the luxury of a dedicated office “space” and so we need to become ever more inventive to create an area which is conducive to application and concentration, but does not take over the home. While sitting in a beautifully designed kitchen for hours on end has its joys, when it comes to home working consumers are wanting to upgrade from the dining table.

This is an area of need which installers and retailers can definitely meet; responding to a very different sort of customer demand. So what advice can we give customers and how can you best design an inspiring working environment without much space to do it in?

Think outside the box

When we think of a desk we naturally conjure up an image of rectangular shape, perhaps with a couple of drawers underneath. It might have worked in the classroom, but while designing a working nook why not reduce wasted space by popping in a corner design?

Location, Location

For some, working in the hub of the home might be the perfect fit as they can keep an eye on work and personal life, for others a closed door and quiet space is a non-negotiable. Garden rooms and garage conversions are great, but a more economical option could be to consider the bedroom. Rather than wall to wall wardrobes, carve out an indent for a desk area and wall units. Another alternative might be under the stairs.

Stylish storage

Open book shelf and wall units will make sure important documents are close to hand, they can also go a long way in styling the space and keeping it motivational. In the digital age, thought also needs to be given to technology. No one wants an ugly printer on their dressing table, or by the coffee machine, incorporate a printer tray and PC tower unit to keep the wires at bay and everything neatly tucked.

Clean and Defined Lines

Using sharp lines and a combination of different finishes is the perfect way to create separations between specific sections of the room. This is especially useful for multi-purpose bedrooms like those with home-offices and study areas.

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