The future of our industry is reliant on education. Training, learning and development is the only way we can reverse the effects of the current skills gap crisis that the KBB sector is facing. Sponsored by Quooker, BiKBBI is committed to driving change to deliver a sustainable future workforce for our industry, focusing on apprenticeships, CPD and retraining.


Apprenticeships is the longer term solution to the current skills shortage and is the entry pathway to our industry. We now have a fit-for-purpose apprenticeship standard, suitable for education leavers as well as those looking for a career change.
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Looking to hire an apprentice?

Are you an installation business or retailer looking to employ an apprentice?
We can support you through the process, whether you just need some help and guidance or would like a fully managed service.

A free service offering a step-by-step guide with clear directions for employers interested in managing the recruitment and onboarding processes independently.

A one-off fee to cover a comprehensive full service option which takes care of all the administrative tasks, from recruiting and onboarding apprentices to identifying the perfect training provider. 

The continuous support included with this service guarantees a seamless apprenticeship journey, enabling employers to concentrate on their businesses.
One-off payment plus monthly fee equivalent to 8% of salary payable to ATA
Designed for those who prefer not to employ an apprentice directly, this service enables businesses to enjoy the advantages of apprenticeships while the apprentice is employed by a government-approved Apprenticeship Training Agency (ATA). 

You'll be assisted in finding the perfect candidate, manage the entire recruitment process, and connect you with an ATA, allowing you to benefit from apprenticeships without the HR responsibilities.


Continued Professional Development (CPD) is vital to ensuring that the existing KBB installation workforce continue to learn and develop throughout their career and keep their skills and knowledge up to date as well as learning new skills and discovering new products and techniques.

BiKBBI Campus is available to everyone and contains a number of online training courses specifically designed for tradespeople operating within the KBB sector. Courses are delivered exclusively by BiKBBI stakeholders and, in most instances, are free for installers.

We also work with a range of third parties, including manufacturers, suppliers, strategic partners and corporate sponsors, to promote other training opportunities via our CPD directory.


The British Institute of KBB Installation works with a number of strategic partners, including the Ministry of Defence, via its Armed Forces Convenance, in the creation of retraining opportunities for those wishing to transfer skills into the KBB sector.

The programme is designed to support the KBB industry in its recovery from the skills gap by drawing those with highly transferable skills into our industry at pace. Our work with the Armed Forces and our pledge to The Armed Forces Covenant is not only a contribution to the wider skills gap solution, but it demonstrates our intention to support those who have dedicated their life in service to our country.