Founding sponsors financially committed to the initiative included the international brands of Blum and Franke, together with BUPA, RAC and Classic Marble. The iKBBI launched its first generation website and commenced the process of accreditation for installers, accrediting its first member in January of that year. John Lewis of Hungerford PLC was the first ever retailer to insist all of its installers become accredited members of the iKBBI.

The iKBBI Consultation Panel was formed; a group of industry professionals whose views would help structure the institute over coming years. The KBB Installer Magazine was developed with DMG World Media (now owned by Taylist Media) and the UK’s first-ever glossy magazine was launched for KBB installers exclusively. The iKBBI also launched an industry training questionnaire that year, for the first time asking the time served professional’s opinion of training.

The collapse of MFI that year was a blow for hundreds of installers across the UK and iKBBI helped many by proving independent advice and support for those members affected.

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